On Tuesday (16) Google launched the Chrome 70, which promises more data privacy features. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux, the news also includes patch fixes for 23 vulnerabilities, 6 of which were classified as high severity.

The Chrome 70 includes a dashboard that allows users to have more control over how the browser behaves when they sign in to their Google accounts, giving them the option to turn off automatic access. Previous versions of the browser automatically signed users when they signed in to a Google service, which raised concerns about privacy.

In addition to the new features, Chrome 70 also includes 23 security fixes, including high-risk bugs. Of these reported flaws, 18 were discovered by outside researchers who, in total, received $ 20,000 in rewards from Google. It is worth noting that there are patches for a URL spoofing vulnerability considered to be high-risk in the omnibox (CVE-2018โ€“17464) and an Angle memory corruption error, also of high priority (CVE-2018โ€“17466).

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